1946 Started a peddler in Hamamatsu.

1990 (1990"Hourai")

(2006 factory in China)

1948 Opened store "Hiyoshiya" in Minami-ku,Nagoya.
1952 Established Nagoya Seiraku Co.,Ltd.
1976 Started sales of "Sujahta", a new product.
1990 The chilled coffee "Kikuno IFC Coffee" went on sale in the business world the first.
1990 Started to hand out "Hourai"-(Meiraku Ajoene,now) to appliciant.
1995 Brought a machine to measure an inherent vibration frequency(wave) to the laboratory.
2001 " Sujahta TOMI Medium Ice Cream" went on sale.
2006 Established the factory in China.
2009 Supported to "International Patisserie Grand Prix 2009"